About The Craft & Cake Club

Welcome to the Craft & Cake Club. Join my workshops for an enjoyable, peaceful, and supportive environment where you can experiment and create a whole variety of art and craft projects. While life can be busy and full of demands, my workshops are the perfect place to play, embrace your creativity and relax.

Craft & Cake Club workshops are available for both individuals and private groups, making them perfect for birthday parties, corporate events, or just a fun day out with friends. There’s nothing more fulfilling than creating something with our own hands, and small intimate craft workshops are perfect for helping you unlock your inner artist. Best of all, you get to take home your amazing creations and some brand-new skills. And there’s cake too!

The Crafts

I’m so happy to be running three super fun workshops for grown-ups looking for a relaxing and creative experience with friends.

You have the freedom to choose the workshop that speaks to you the most. If you’re looking for a meditative and introspective activity, the Cut & Paste Collage workshop might be perfect for you. If you’re intrigued by the idea of experimenting with printmaking and creating unique designs, the Gelli Plate printing workshop is the way to go. And for those who appreciate the beauty of handmade crafts, the paper flower-making workshop will provide a delightful experience.

Whichever workshop you choose, you can expect a nurturing and enjoyable environment where you can unwind, connect with your friends, and tap into your creative spirit. So go ahead, pick your workshop, register your interest, and let’s get going with relaxation, creativity, friendship and cake!


Cut & Paste Collage

Cut & Paste Collage

A Journey into Your Subconscious Mind

Whether you want to boost your creativity, explore your emotions, or simply unwind, this mindful collage workshop is the perfect way to do it.

Learn more about Mindful Collage

Paper Flower Making

Paper Flower Making

Improve mood and relieve stress   

Who knew that making paper flowers could make you so happy?

The meditative nature of cutting and assembling paper flowers will transport you to a state of calm and relaxation, allowing you to forget about your worries and focus on being happy in the present moment.

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Gelli Plate Printmaking

Gelli Plate Printmaking

Build your creativity and confidence

Gelli plate printing is an exciting form of printmaking, using an amazing gelli plate that will ignite your creativity and give you a real sense of accomplishment. You will surprise yourself by creating superbly unique and striking prints that are unlike anything else you’ve made before.

Learn more about Gelli Plate Printmaking

Water Colour Painting

Water Colour Painting

Fluid Focus, Thoughtful Artistry

The delicate nature of watercolor painting requires concentration and careful planning, enhancing attention to detail. The flowing medium encourages a calm and reflective approach, promoting thoughtful consideration and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about Water Colour Painting

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